Price A/B Testing for Shopify

Make more money from better pricing.

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How It Works

1. Select Products

Select the products you want to price A/B test. Jika imports everything from Shopify with 1-click.
Select Products for Price A/B Test

2. Enter Test Prices

You can finally A/B test your product pricing properly.
No duplicate product pages. No 100% traffic daily switchoff. All you have to do is enter a test price and hit enter.
After starting your test, 50% of visitors will get price A while the other 50% will get price B. And yes, this is all on 1 product page.
Price A/B Test with Price A and Price B

3. Track Revenue

Jika is your new pricing hub.
While testing, track revenue for your different price points. Once you have enough data, you can end your test by setting a new price for 100% of your visitors.
As you keep testing, Jika keeps track of how much you've increased monthly revenue (perfect for showing stakeholders).
Daily Revenue Graph of Price A vs. Price B


Select Products
Enter Test Prices
View Active Tests
Track Revenue, Metrics, and Conversions
Track Group A, Group B, and Daily Revenue
Track Daily Conversions and Daily Visitors
Test Collections of Products
Track Lifetime Metrics