Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jika compare to apps like Leaflet and Neat A/B Testing which swap daily/weekly between my prices?

Swapping daily/weekly between prices for 100% of your visitors is statistically invalid and will result in you picking the wrong price.
Another downside of swapping between prices is that your customers will see different prices each day.
With Jika, you can make statistically valid pricing decisions and your visitors keep seeing the same price.

Why should I A/B test my product pricing?

The best price for any product is always changing. With Jika, you can stay close to this best price and make more money.
Furthermore, pricing off competitors isn't going to cut it anymore with big companies getting more and more sophisticated.
A prime example of this is Amazon accelerating development of in-house brands (~640 in late 2019) and using their dataset to out-price other online sellers (2.5m price changes per day in 2013 and even more today).

How much money will this make me?

An example best shows why better pricing is so valuable.
Let's say you have $50,000 monthly revenue. You decide to test all of your products and find better prices which increase your revenue by 10%.
With 10% more on your $50,000 monthly revenue, you've increased monthly revenue by $5,000 which will be $30,000 in 6 months.

How do online sellers A/B test their prices today?

Many discounts out there (e.g. abandoned carts, secret sale) are like unorganized price A/B tests.
Example: you're selling $100 shoes and have a 10% off coupon which could be applied for $90 after discount. This is similar to a price A/B test of $100 and $90, but you aren't splitting your visitors into 2 equal groups.
Big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy also do dynamic pricing and discounts.

If someone sees one price and comes back later, will they see the same price they saw earlier?

Yes, but with caveats. Read closely.
Jika stores all pricing a visitor sees and shows the same pricing later provided they're on the same device and not using incognito. If they're on a different device or using incognito, there's a 50% chance they might see a different price.

Will Jika work with my website?

Jika supports most websites. If you want to double check, feel free to message us (bottom right of screen).

Does Jika work with Google and Facebook ads? What price will show up in ads?

Your Google + Facebook ads will automatically use the higher of the 2 prices being tested (or the pre-discount price if you're using that option).
If you're manually adding a price to your ad and/or publicly advertising a price, we recommend using the higher of the 2 test prices.
When following the above advice, 50% of your visitors who expect the higher price will get a lower price and be pleasantly surprised.

How long do tests typically take?

Tests typically take 1 to 4 weeks depending on number of visitors and the magnitude of the revenue increase.

Can't I have 2 duplicate product pages and send 50% of my visitors directly to each page using ads or Google Optimize/Optimizely?

Having 2 products is suboptimal since you'd be hiding both of these duplicate products from your product collection catalogue (to prevent from people from finding the other one easily). Besides this being a poor user experience, you'd also hurt or eliminate SEO traffic by having multiple product pages.
Jika handles all the heavy lifting of integrating with Shopify so you can stay focused on growing your business.